Hot Water Systems

Expert repair or replacement

If you’re waking up to a freezing cold shower, you can call Shaun’s Plumbing anytime for 24/7 emergency hot water system repair and replacement. We work all across the western suburbs of Melbourne.

Our qualified hot water experts are able to:

  • Repair, replace and install any hot water system
  • Check parts such as the tempering valve, Mildred valve or relief valves
  • Assess the gas burner or electric heating element and replace if necessary
  • Flush an electric storage tank
  • Replace any damaged pipes, insulation or the sacrificial anode

No matter of the size of the issue with your hot water system, Shaun’s Plumbing can get you back up and running. Contact us to book a repair or replacement today.

Energy Efficient Hot Water Systems

Shaun’s Plumbing don’t just specialise in the repair and replacement of old hot water systems, we can also advise and help you upgrade to a modern, energy efficient water system. We can supply and install all of Australia’s leading brands. Getting your hot water system to 5 or 6 stars can help reduce your bill, and save the environment.

We offer fast water heater repairs and new water heater installations. We can work on continuous flow water heaters, heat pump water heaters and solar water heaters. We are hot water experts in the area, call for a no obligation quote to upgrade your existing hot water system.

Instantaneous Gas Hot Water Systems

Instant Hot Water Systems are one of the most efficient types of hot water units. These can also be called continuous flow. The difference to a regular hot water system is that the water is heated on demand. So rather than with an electric hot water system that keeps water hot day and night, you only heat the water as you need.

This type of hot water system heats the water as it flows through the system. These hot water systems are small boxes mounted on the outside of your home. Heating your water via gas can be a fraction of the cost of heating water using electricity. If you are having issues with an existing Instant Hot Water System, or would like to speak to a professional about installing one, contact Shaun’s Plumbing.

Electric Hot Water Systems

The majority of Australian households have an electric hot water system. These are the big storage tanks outside the house. These can store up to 400 litres of water. These systems are cheaper to install. These hot water systems work by keeping a large reservoir of water at a high temperature. These units are insulated, but heat can still be lost, causing your hot water system to keep using electricity to keep the water hot. We are experts at servicing these types of units, and can help with any issues you have with your hot water system.

Solar Hot Water Systems

Solar hot water systems are a great way to provide hot water to your house in an energy efficient way. These units are mounted to your roof, and the water is warmed by the sun. These systems create lower carbon emissions and lower running costs. If you have questions about integrating solar hot water into your house, please give us a call and we can discuss installation.

Hot Water System Installation

Shaun’s Plumbing have the expertise to supply and fit a range of different hot water systems. We can recommend the best brands to use for each type of system. There are many things to consider when picking a type of hot water system, and we can help you make the correct choice.

What Our Customers Are Saying

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Dianna E

Dec 2021

Residential Plumbing


Fast, friendly and affordable service. Within an hour of my phone call, he arrived and completed the service. Highly recommend, I’ve already booked him for another future job! Thanks Shaun


Som S

Oct 2021

Residential Plumbing


Shaun was our local plumber. He did a great job changing over from an old gas hot water to an electric hot water system. Highly professional, courteous and efficient. Shaun made sure everything was working as it should before he left. Punctual, organised and highly skilled as tradespeople. Would highly recommend.


Patrick M

July 2021

Residential Plumbing


Prompt communication and arrival, friendly professional service, and reasonable price. Would use again in the future.